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Statement of 2016

This period marked a significant transitional phase characterized by profound shifts
and life-changing decisions.

The catalyst for this transformation was my increasing travel between the South of France and the USA as I prepared for my relocation to New York.

Each step was imbued with anticipation and introspection throughout this journey
as I navigated the complexities of uprooting myself and embarking on a new chapter
in a foreign land.  

The artworks produced during this pivotal year served as a tangible reflection
of this transitional period, capturing the essence of my evolving mindset and
its intellectual activity.

Each brushstroke and composition was infused with a sense of conscious thought
and introspection, representing the beginning of a mental journey toward self-discovery and self-awareness. It was a time of deep reflection and exploration as I grappled with questions of identity, belonging, and purpose in profound change.  

As I prepared to leap to New York, I was on the threshold of a new beginning, poised
to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead. Creating art became a means
of channeling my emotions and experiences, offering a form of catharsis and
self-expression amidst the chaos of transition.

Through this creative exploration, I began to unravel the layers of my consciousness, gaining deeper insights into myself and the world around me.

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