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Abstract iPhone photos

Urban environment

I am not considering myself as traditional photographer but more an abstract iPhone photographer in New York. 

I see so may amazing details around me that I felt the necessity to share my perception of this city and relate it visually with my paintings on geographic abstraction.

Natural environment

As a digital photographic artist, I am very influenced by the organic parts present everywhere around me, mainly in nature. 
I would also like to engage the viewer to take time to enjoy it more and make them think by challenge their usual perceptions of fragile natural environments.
It finally a way to show how we can preserve nature.

Lost objects

Be a digital abstract photographer gives me the possibility to denounce our consumption model by taking snapshots
of objects seen in the streets of New York.
It is for me the ideal opportunity to break the rules & to show the defaults of our world.
I just try to capture something in a way that it would not usually be seen.

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