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Psychogeography on canvas, New York, NY, July 2020

Adaptive recognition in art refers to the ability of artists to flexibly adjust their creative process in response to external influences, evolving ideas, or changing contexts.
Following and applying a total dissolution of boundaries between art and life, I paint the invisible intersections of psychology
and geography
in my art.
All the strokes and crossing are an unconscious result of associating ideas or thoughts.
I also combine subjective and objective knowledge on different layers.
Ultimately, adaptive recognition empowers me to navigate the complexities of my artistic practice with resilience and openness.
It involves embracing experimentation, learning from experiences, and incorporating diverse influences into the creative journey.


Series of 3 abstract paintings

Material                         Acrylic
Medium                          Unstretched canvas 47 x 47 inches
Date                                 2020
Signed, and title on the back

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