Work on canvas


Newburgh, NY, USA

Our environment alters our personal behavior, affects our perceptions, influences our collective interactions, and also reveals the invisible connections with the non-human world (objects and animals): I translate and shape all these emotions, memories, feelings through colors, and compositions following a creative flow by letting go of control.

I am always searching for the point at which psychology and situations collide in art and how thinking can be mapped.

2016 > 2020

New York, USA

I am more & more interested in the randomness of cities and their relationship to human experience.

I can be considered as an abstract city map artist because I create imaginary topographies that draw on my memory
& my experiences. 

Based on emotions, feelings or memories from my direct experiences, my recent works delve into the complex undercurrents of intimate & collective relationships.

My urban abstract art is the result of mental processes influenced by people interaction, transportation & moves:

the geographic abstraction of New York.

2000 > 2015

Aix-en-Provence, France

I am starting to question the boundaries of geography and emotions through art. 
By appropriating city or nature, I develop my own aesthetic and poetic expression that boost a unconscious relation between humankind and his environment: this is geographic abstraction.

1997 > 1999

Bern & Zurich, Switzerland

These years of  practice in Switzerland represent a very personal & unique expression of my thoughts about people & myself. 

Even figurative, strokes or colors are the support of a visual narrative or idea, which is probably my own story.  

1995 > 1996

Paris, France

I am a self-taught artist and started to make my first paintings on canvas just after having finished my graphic design studies in Paris. I found quickly a unique and personal style that has been the starting point of my pictorial work until now.