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Turning to the landfill

About the theme of "landfill"

 In my artistic practice, I draw inspiration from unexpected sources, such as the transformation of Staten Island's Freshkills Park from a landfill into a vibrant public space.

The parallels between this process and my artistic approach are striking.

Like converting a landfill into a park, my creative process involves reimagining and repurposing materials and forms to breathe new life into them.  

When I embark on creating a new artwork, whether on paper or canvas,
I approach it intending to bury and cover forms or colors, much like waste disposal in a landfill.

I begin by layering various elements—such as collages, tapes, and paints
—onto the surface, building texture and depth over time.

This burying and covering is a metaphor for the transformation and renewal inherent in the artistic process.  

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

Through collage and tape, I create abstract shapes that suggest burying
and covering, echoing the transformative journey of Staten Island's Freshkills Park.

Just as the landfill was gradually transformed into a green oasis, my artworks evolve organically as layers are added and obscured, revealing new textures and colors beneath the surface.

In this way, my artistic practice reflects the potential for beauty and renewal that can emerge from unexpected beginnings.      

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