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Modelling of phase separation

Modeling of phase separation

Tekkella series on paper, Newport, VT, 2020

We enter all together in the state of being separated but we can find new ways to connect with others and stay engaged
on issues and values, we care the more.

Even as we keep physically distant from one another during the coronavirus outbreak, we provide practical and emotional support and are more attentive to our own needs and feelings.
Making art in isolation can balance mental health in the purpose to maintain our psychosocial well-being.

About the theme of "connection and separation"

In my artistic exploration of the theme of connection amidst separation,
I use abstract shapes created with collages and tapes to symbolize the resilience and adaptability of human relationships.

By layering different materials and textures, I evoke the complex interplay between individuals as they navigate physical distance and isolation.

Each shape represents a unique expression of the human experience,
reflecting the diverse ways we seek connection and support in times of crisis. 

By arranging these abstract shapes, I aim to convey the fluidity and dynamism
of human interaction, even in moments of separation.

The juxtaposition of colors and patterns suggests the inherent creativity
and resourcefulness we employ to maintain social bonds and foster a sense
of community.

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

By highlighting the importance of emotional support and mutual care,
I hope to inspire viewers to reflect on their relationships and consider
new ways of staying connected despite physical distance.  

As I explore the theme of connection in isolation, I strive to create compositions that resonate profoundly and emotionally with viewers.

Each collage and tape arrangement is carefully crafted to evoke a sense
of solidarity and shared humanity, reminding us that we are not alone
in our struggles.

Through the power of art, I seek to foster empathy, understanding,
and resilience in the face of adversity, inviting viewers to find strength
in their connections with others and embrace collective action's transformative potential.

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