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Reinvent yourself

K8 Hardyy series, paper, Aix-en-Provence, 2015

I am preparing my reinvention & I know it will likely require creating new positive & constructive habits to take me out of routines I have been following for years in South of France.

Through my art practice, I want to learn to focus on my own future as a full time artist.

The question is: Is my reinvention realistic?

Before I can reshape my future, I need to be brutally honest about my present. This series is the result of this step in my life.

2015 is a year of major life changes for me: leaving France for USA.

I think I know who I am enough. I can recognize what I need to overcome to keep my personality from blocking my dreams.

I have an "approach" mentality; I am more open to the vagaries of risk which explain the abstract maze-like paintings.

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