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A repeat pattern

About the theme of "patterns in nature"

In my artistic exploration of the chaotic nature of our current situation,
I employ a variety of motifs, notably graphic tapes, arranged in irregular
and informal patterns.

These compositions reflect the unpredictability and complexity of our times, where multiple forces intersect and diverge.

By layering these motifs in dynamic arrangements, I capture the essence of the fortuitous moment in which countless evolutionary trajectories unfold before us. 

Using collages and tapes, I create abstract shapes that symbolize the possibilities and choices available to us in the aftermath of the outbreak.

Each shape represents a potential path or direction we can take as individuals and as a collective.

By arranging these shapes in irregular formations, I convey our current reality's uncertainty and flux.

Patters 1 copy detail2.jpg
Patters 1 copy-detail1.jpg

These abstract compositions represent the multifaceted nature of our decision-making process and the complexity of navigating through uncertain times.  

Ultimately, my artwork prompts viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of our choices and actions and our collective responsibility for shaping the future.

The chaotic arrangements of motifs and shapes mirror the chaotic nature
of our world, urging us to embrace the challenges and opportunities
that lie ahead.

By striving for harmony and collective action, we can work towards creating a new world that is in alignment with nature and conducive to the flourishing of all life.

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