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About the theme of "topography"

In creating abstract topographical maps using transparent tapes, I first lay down the acrylic background to establish the foundation of the composition.

This serves as the canvas upon which the topographical codes will be represented. The acrylic background provides a textured and dynamic backdrop,
evoking the varied terrain of a landscape.  

Next, I utilize color tapes to represent the different elements of the topographical map. Each color tape corresponds to a specific feature, such as elevation,
terrain type, or recommended route.

By layering and arranging the recordings on the acrylic background,
I create a visual language that communicates the intricacies of the landscape. 

Yerrru 07 copy-DETAIL1.jpg
Yerrru 07 copy DETAIL 2.jpg

Tapes allow for flexibility and experimentation, enabling me to explore different combinations and arrangements to evoke the desired effect.  

As I construct the abstract shapes with collages and tapes, I pay attention
to the spatial relationships between the elements.

The arrangement of the recordings creates a sense of depth and perspective, mimicking the contours and gradients found in traditional topographical maps.

Through careful composition and layering, I strive to capture the essence
of the landscape while leaving room for interpretation and exploration
by the viewer.

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