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Alyithee series on paper, Newburgh, NY, 2022

I started this series in 2019 and put it on the side for almost 3 years because I felt I didn't have the right final touch - something unexpected was missing to complete the pieces.
I didn't know what and it has been only when I went to a flea market that I knew: I was looking for a new material to use in my art and I bought 3 different bags of puzzles.
I instantly knew that it was the right material to add.
After finishing this series, I discovered recently that the puzzle piece is the symbol of the complexity of the autism spectrum.
It represents the desire for acceptance, understanding, and the way we come together to support individuals with autism.
I like this idea of diversity and tolerance. 
In a very intuitive and hunble way, I am able to support the autism community.

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