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Engaging senses

About the theme of "emotional data"

Abstract shapes created with collages and tapes offer a unique avenue to explore the relationship between physical spaces, senses, and emotional data.

Through the arrangement of materials, I seek to capture the dynamic interplay between urban environments and the sensory experiences they evoke.

By layering textures, colors, and patterns, I aim to convey the multifaceted nature of these interactions, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork
on a sensory level.  

In my artistic process, I draw inspiration from the diverse characteristics
of urban environments and their impact on emotional states.

By incorporating various materials and techniques, I strive to evoke the sensory richness of these spaces, from the bustling energy of city streets to the tranquil serenity of parks and green spaces. 

An Ungkii topo A copy detail1.jpg
An Ungkii topo A copy detail2.jpg

By manipulating collages and tapes, I explore the complex interplay between physical surroundings and emotional responses, offering viewers a glimpse into the intricate relationship between environment and mood. 

By exploring abstract shapes and textures, I challenge conventional notions
of engaging with our surroundings and perceiving emotional data.

By embracing spontaneity and relinquishing control, I allow the creative process to unfold organically, inviting unexpected connections
and associations to emerge.

In doing so, I aim to encourage viewers to reconsider their sensory experiences within urban environments and recognize physical spaces' profound influence on emotional well-being.      

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