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The red carpet

About the theme of "tropical forest"

Inspired by the documentary "Poumon vert et tapis rouge" (Green Forests
and the Red Carpet), I embarked on a creative endeavor to capture the dedication and passion of botanist Francis Hallé in protecting tropical forests.

Using red acrylic paint and color tape, I sought to convey the vibrancy and vitality of these vital ecosystems and the urgency of preserving them for future generations.

Each brushstroke and strip of tape became a tribute to Hallé's tireless efforts
and unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.  

In my artistic interpretation, I aimed to honor Hallé's legacy by depicting the lush greenery of tropical forests juxtaposed against the symbolic red carpet, representing his recognition and accolades for his work.

Through dynamic compositions and vibrant colors, I conveyed the beauty and complexity of these natural habitats and the fragility of their existence in the face of deforestation and environmental degradation. 

These artworks serve as a visual testament to Hallé's mission and inspire viewers to join the fight to preserve our planet's precious biodiversity.  

The audience is invited to reflect on the importance of environmental conservation and the impact of human actions on the natural world.

I hope to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect tropical forests
and the invaluable contributions of individuals like Francis Hallé
in safeguarding our planet's ecological diversity.

These compositions serve as a tribute to the beauty and resilience of nature and a call to action to ensure its preservation for generations to come.     

Details of the series


Material                          Acrylic, color tape
Medium                           Paper 24 x 18 inches
Date                                 2021
Signed and title on the back

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