Abstracted Painting and mixed media on cardboard

France & USA

Your indoor wall
is unique

Make your home personalized
or differentiate your business branded


Sticker or wallpaper?

Custom indoor murals

Discover a selection of some mural installations specifically tailored for customers. It can be painted directly on the wall or printed on removable wall stickers or permanent wallpaper murals. In that case, all of the mural materials are family-safe, fire rated and printed with eco-friendly latex inks for maximum print quality and durability. The panels are both removable and reusable. 

I am opened to create original indoor wall paintings for you and deck your space with a whole lot of style.
You have a project you would like to discuss, please contact me for a proposal!

Systematic distortions
in urban murals

Ask for a street painting


You have a project?

Outdoor murals on geographic abstraction

I explore, understand and create visual connections into the sphere of neighborhood, the city and the global community.
My outdoor mural projects are directly inspired by the city where I paint them. They represent our disaggregated environments into an emotional landscape that I imagine.

I am always looking new proposals for the intervention of an image on specific walls on privately or public owned buildings.
And my future projects will be the representation of these emotions connected to this unique urban environments.

Add original art
in your day

Buy original personal or corporate art


I provide full custom artwork services

Art for hotels, restaurants, workplaces, hospitals or residentials

You need art for your welcome desk or rooms of your hotel?  Ask for specific sizes of artworks available on paper or canvas.
If you are looking for a contemporary artwork to be commissioned then make sure that you will give me as much information as possible so that you can establish the exact requirements of your project. with hotel decorators

As both graphic designer and artist, I can also match artwork to your color schemes and décor to creating a continuous flow of aesthetics.  I propose a full-service concept development and end-to-end project management for hotels, restaurants or workplaces. It can be dedicated to a commercial premise which may allow for a larger piece of artwork or for a particular audience, as for someone’s home who will need to able to be lived with.

Your city painted
as an abstract map

Ask for your city map

A custom map of your location?

Artistic topography and stylized map


Places you grew up, spent college years, went on a trip or the location you are currently living: remind yourself of those memories with a unique custom map.

Describe your vision and constraints, your aesthetics, provide budgetary guidelines and dates. Tell me what you envision along with the dimensions you need. I propose original or digital art creations on geographic abstraction, urban mapping, abstract city map or aerial photography.

Treat yourself or someone you love with an original idea. Ask me for a personal map of your favorite place.

I love to do

art commissions

Challenge me!


Commissioning a piece of my art is very easy to do!

I do commissions for interior designers, brands or real estate developers...

Together, we may have to well determine what materials will be realistically used, materials, subject or theme, size of project, etc. An agreement should be drawn up detailing the scope of the art project including the size of the work, costs, timescales, and materials.


Once you are agreed all the details, I will start your commission. I have already contracts that I can use when agreeing a commission.
It will take 4-6 weeks. Some preliminary sketches can be produced before I start to work on the art project. I will send you photos of the artwork at various stages of completion.

Materials may incur a separate cost depending on the project and will be taken into consideration. Depending on where you are located in the world, costs of delivery and details will be factored into both the cost of the project and the contract. When it is being delivered, the artwork will require insurance.It is possible to meet me at regular intervals if necessary, to review progress on your project. This may not be necessary for small commissions, but essential for larger projects.

  • Payment: I require a percentage up front. The final payment is made upon completion of the work.​

  • Ownership: Under copyright laws, I possess first ownership of a work of art I myself have created.
    Agree at the outset any ownership and copyright of the artwork.

  • Feedbacks: All feedback is valuable so let me know if there are ways I can improve the process..

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You have a project you would like to discuss, don't hesitate to contact me!

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