Abstracted Painting and mixed media on cardboard

France & USA

Your indoor wall
is unique

Make your home personalized
or differentiate your business branded


Sticker or wallpaper?

Custom indoor murals

Discover a selection of some mural installations specifically tailored for customers. It can be painted directly on the wall or printed on removable wall stickers or permanent wallpaper murals. In that case, all of the mural materials are family-safe, fire rated and printed with eco-friendly latex inks for maximum print quality and durability. The panels are both removable and reusable. 

I am opened to create original indoor wall paintings for you and deck your space with a whole lot of style.
You have a project you would like to discuss, please contact me for a proposal!

Systematic distortions
in urban murals

Ask for a street painting


You have a project?

Outdoor murals on geographic abstraction

I explore, understand and create visual connections into the sphere of neighborhood, the city and the global community.
My outdoor mural projects are directly inspired by the city where I paint them. They represent our disaggregated environments into an emotional landscape that I imagine.

I am always looking new proposals for the intervention of an image on specific walls on privately or public owned buildings.
And my future projects will be the representation of these emotions connected to this unique urban environments.