What is geographic abstraction?

and ''drifting'' are fundamental to my art"

I am very attentive to senses as they relate to place & environment and explore multiple ways of unleashing the subconscious imagination through abstract mind maps.


As the blurry boundary between perception and experience always inspired me, I am interested in the randomness of emotion by imaging contemporary art based on colors or graphic compositions.


​I create my own rules and imagine effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the behavior of myself & individuals.

Why city influences interconnections?

I am living, working in NY and I am fascinated by the state of being connected with each other.


Systematically exploring the relationship between emotion and place permits to reveal the way in which different kinds of places can elicit specific feelings and memories.


By painting or taping abstract images of spiritual or moral dilemmas about ethical reasoning, values & choices in life, my art reveals​ more and more these interwoven systems of humans & urbanity.

"The behavioral impact of urban places"

How it becomes source of my creative process?

"Emotions generate
a shape of a map but it's more than a map"

I use urban or natural environments to emphasize playfulness and "drifting" in my art practice and imagine the ways in which people, nature, and objects can interact with one another to form more or less complex compositions that operate as a map of our emotions or feelings.


The process is the similar to random drifting through my thoughts, guided by whim and an awareness of how different mental states draw me in or repel me.


The artistic concept is the result of constant research of internal mind maps using myself as a data collection device.



Spatial representation of emotions

I am still searching the point at which psychology & geography collide in art related to the impact of New York 
on our collective or personal behavior.

The city becomes now an inexhaustible data collection device.

Using different type of colored tapes & adhesives permits me to expand my art to new materials

and place it into interactive onsite installations.

Onsite installation

"Urban Emotion Representation" are black-painted tubes,
metaphor of Manhattan's nightlife


Art since 1995

Canvas, cardboard, paper, wood, digital, photos & others