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Art in 2019

Spatial representation of emotions

By studying the anatomy of a city, I gained a deeper understanding of how people interact with and are influenced by their surroundings.

Mainly inspired by New York, I developed the concept of
"geographic abstraction." That involves using maps, geography, and other aspects of the physical environment as a basis for abstract art. It involves taking inspiration from the natural or urban landscape, but rather than depicting it realistically, I distort or simplify the image to create a more abstract representation.

By breaking down the environment into its component parts and rearranging them creatively, I highlight hidden connections and relationships and create a new interpretation of the space.

We all have a city in mind

The concept of the anatomy of a city is rich and complex, reflecting the intricate interplay between human beings and the environments they create and inhabit. Based on feelings or memories, I keep exploring forms & lines in my map compositions: I form disaggregated grids and imaginary maps revealing social tensions and relationships instead of addresses & landmarks.

The "anatomy of a city" refers to how a city is organized and structured physically and socially. It encompasses everything from the layout of the streets and buildings to the social and cultural dynamics within a particular urban environment.

I am interested in the randomness of the unconscious through imaginary maps, as my work is based on emotional recognition through urban or natural environments. 
My artistic process delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate & collective interactions.

It's my visual study of the anatomy of a city because we all have a city in mind :)

Selected shows in 2019

Solo show

Collective shows

Heart for Art, Austell Pl, Long Island City, NY, USA

Van de Goudenberg Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, CH
Chashama gala party June 13, 2019, NY, USA  
The Other Art Fair, New York, NY, USA
Circular Week “FLOW”, The Vanderbilt Republic, NY, USA
Bushwick Open Studio 2019, NY, USA
Aqua Art Miami, FL, USA

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