Philippe Halaburda

Studio in New York

56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA



  • 1996  First personal exhibition, Paris, France

  • 1995  M.F.A., Academy of Graphic design and visual Arts, EDTA SORNAS, Paris, France

  • 1993  Bachelor Degree (Literature), Coulommiers, France

Selective solo shows

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Heart for Art, NY, USA

Chashama Gallery, NY

Chashama Gallery, NY

F&RG Gallery, Hudson, NY

The LionHeart Gallery, Pound Ridge, NY

City in mind, Art Mora, New York, NY

Studio N2, Aix-en-Pce, FR

Seiki Leyen, Marseille, FR

Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Cultural Centre, Les Taillades, FR

Villa Baulieu art space, Rognes, FR

Cultural Centre, Istres, FR

Centre des Entrepreneurs, Geneva, CH

Torcy Cityhall, Torcy, FR

Swiss Medias Centre SSR, Bern, CH

Guimick art space, Marseille, FR

L’espace concept-store, Aix-en-Pce, FR

La Fabrique, Marseille, FR

Martinez Hotel, Cannes, FR

Sofia-Antipolis, ABS, Cannes, FR

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, FR

Nyons Cityhall, Nyons, FR

Kabaret, Zurich, CH

Swisscom International, Bern, CH

Atelier Z’ art gallery, Zurich, CH

Abar’t gallery, Zurich, CH

L’ univers gallery, Freibourg, CH

Meaux cityhall, Meaux, FR

Chuchi am Wasser gallery, Zurich, CH

Dynamo cultural centre, Zurich, CH
Technopark center, Zurich, CH

Swisscom International, Bern, CH

Les Ferrailleurs, Paris, FR

Selective collective shows

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  • 2013

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  • 2011


  • 2010


  • 2009


  • 2008


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  • 2006


  • 2005

  • 2002

  • 1998

Superfine Art Fair, New York, NY

14C art fair, Jersey City, NJ

Van de Goudenberg gallery, Basel, Switzerland, CH

«New Land» exhibition, Bedminster, N

Chashama gala party June 13, 2019, NY

The Other Art Fair, New York, NY
Circular Week “FLOW”, The Vanderbilt Republic, NY


Bushwick Open Studio 2018, NY

Trager Contemporary gallery, Charleston, SC

L’Atelier Ldep Gallery, Miami, FL

Art Mora Gallery, New York, NY

Bushwick Open Studio 2017, NY

Group Exhibition, The LionHeart gallery, Poundridge, CT

Abstraction of the ordinary, Arte Ponte, NY

Wall Dragon Gallery, Dallas, TX
Brooklyn Art Spring Event, New York, NY,
19th Postcards from the edge, Visual Aids, NY

Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Paris, FR
Galerie Art Monti, Paris, FR

Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, FR
A.I.R. Gallery’s 15th Annual Postcard Exhibition, NY

Art Busan 2016 art fair, Bexco, Korea

"Art Blossom", Art  Mora NJ, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Art Expo New York art fair, NY

Maestro Cares Foundation, NY

"Portrait of a city", Art Mora Gallery, New York, NY

X Contemporary art fair, Miami, FL

Art Mora Gallery, New York, NY

Lion Heart Gallery, Pound Ridge, NY

912 Arty gallery, Lourmarin, FR

Friday gallery, New York, NY

La Nuit de la Belle Etoile, Grand Palais, Paris, FR

Fux & Friends Orangerie, Salzbourg, AU

Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Le Formal, Aix-en-Pce, FR 

EAG Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

Assemblée Nationale, Paris, FR

Fortunarto Gallery, Zurich, CH

Art gallery A7, Auvillar, FR

Espace Dialogos art fair, Cachan, FR

Valmy art fair, Argelès sur mer, FR

SMART art fair, Aix-en-Pce, FR

SIAC art fair, Marseille, FR

Planet Vivid gallery, Francfort, GE

Colors of life, Bailly, FR

Les papillons de Carpentras art fair, FR

L'été contemporain Dracénois art fair, Draguignan, FR

Grenad’art, Grenade-sur-Garonne, FR

Adais art fair, Senlis, FR

Trackerdarts gallery, Toulouse, FR

Les Peintres méridionaux art fair, Toulouse, FR

1st Agora Art fair , Eyguières, FR

L’art s’invite à Magrie art fair, FR

Du Château gallery, Pau, FR

Warehouse design art fair, Strasbourg, FR

Open doors artists workshops - Alsace, Strasbourg, FR

Azais gallery, Montpellier, FR


La côte rouge gallery, Caen, FR


Artonef gallery, Aix-en-Pce, FR


Assemblée Nationale, Paris, FR

Fortunarto gallery, Zurich, CH

Art commissions

  • 2020    Charles Schwab print program, USA

  • 2018    Different commissions for Indiewalls, NY, USA

  • 2016    Live painting, 912 Arty gallery, Lourmarin, FR

  • 2016    1 tryptic canvas for a hotel in The Bahamas

  • 2015    1 CD cover, Aix-en-Provence, FR

  • 2014    1 original illustration about Manhattan - Copyright 2.0, Paris, FR

  • 2010    1 CD cover, Paris, France

  • 2010    1 original artwork about Provence, Nîmes, FR

  • 2009   1 original artwork about circus show, Carpentras, FR

  • 2009   1 original artwork on a wine barrel, Rognes-en-Provence, FR

  • 2008  6 original artworks about wine's them, Aix-en-Provence, FR

Murals, windows tape art

  • 2020  Window tape art, Hyatt Regency hotel, Jersey City, NJ, USA

  • 2019  Window tape artNew York, NY, USA

  • 2016  "Shaddows in Faacad", The Hollow art center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • 2013   1 private wall painting, Joucques, FR

  • 2001  8 original wall paintings about sport, Ministry of Sports, Paris, FR

Critical reviews, lectures

  • 2016   ARTiculAction Art Review, USA
                Art Forum, USA

  • 2015   Access Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
                ArtBookGuy, art blog, New-York, NY, USA
    The Disclaimer magazine, London, England, UK

  • 2013   Art Quench magazine, New-York, NY, USA

  • 2012   On Purpose magazine, New-York, NY, USA

  • 2007   L’Express Magazine, Aix-en-Pce, FR

  • 2001   Artists from Aix-en-Provence, Pays d’Aix, Aix-en-Pce, FR


Honors as an invited juror

  • 2009  2nd award, Tulette art fair, Tulette, FR

  • 2009  1st award, Toques & Clochers, Limoux, FR

  • 2008  2nd award, Saint-Cyr-sur Mer art fair, Saint-Cyr-sur Mer, FR

  • 2008  2nd award, Bourbon-Lancy art fair, Bourbon-Lancy, FR

  • 2007  1st award, Agora gallery art fair, Eyguières, FR

  • 2012   Honor guest of Casseneuil art fair, Casseneuil, FR

  • 2008  Honor guest of Janson Industrie, Toulouse, FR

Artistic residencies

  • 2020  The World of Co artist residency, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • 2018   The Arctic Circle 2018 Autumn Expedition, September, Arctic Circle

  • 2017   Labverde, art immersion program In the Amazon, August, Brazil

  • 2015   NARS Foundation, April 1 - June 25, New York, NY, USA

  • 2014  Painter & Creative Art Director freelance

  • 2010  Creative Associate Art Director, Marseille, FR

  • 2004  Graphic Designer, Marseille, FR

Professional development


  • Art Gazette magazine, London, UK

  • Château Baulieu, Rognes en Provence, FR

  • "L'été contemporain Dracénois", Draguignan, FR

  • "Le Radar", Bayeux, FR

  • Janson Industrie, Toulouse, FR

  • Swisscom International, Bern, Switzerland

  • Private & public collections: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, The Netherlands, China & The United States