Why art and socialization matter during the lockdown?

"Emotional wellbeing during the
COVID-19 outbreak"

Socialization is critical both to individuals and to societies in which they live. It shows how we are thoroughly intertwined with our social world.

It may give some comfort to know that thousands of other people are going through the same collective situation: more than ever, we need to preserve human connections.

To me, it's an ethical duty to keep making art and sharing it through a positive message for the audience. For example, it reveals the collective interconnections we have hidden and ignored with the nonhuman world (objects or animals). 

What do interconnections reveal during separation?

It's time to prioritize our responsibility to the common good. Social distancing is nothing less than a voluntary decision and an act of solidarity, that unites us in a common cause.

I feel deeply inspired and need a certain amount of surrender, to deal with this new situation. My art production is essentially inspired by unconscious relationships between people.

I am still looking for new ways to build, connect, and maintain these emotional bonds. And ideally, the goal is to engage and make the audience an actor of their own wellbeing.

in self-isolation



Since March 11, 2020

Art about our interconnected world through unconscious and collective emotions
during the COVID-19 outbreak

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