Unconscious interconnectedness
in urban environment


"Spatial representation of emotion"

is my art book about all works done in NewYork since 2016.

It's also a large window on my style and all the predilection themes in my art.


Onsite installation

"Urban Emotion Representation" are black-painted tubes,
metaphor of Manhattan's nightlife



Imaginary mindscapes

I am fascinated by the state of being connected with each other in a city like New York.

I imagine the ways in which people, nature, and objects can interact with one another to form more or less complex compositions
that operate as a map of our emotions or feelings.

By painting abstract images of spiritual or moral dilemmas about ethical reasoning, values & choices in life, I dedicate my work to reveal these interwoven systems of humans & urbanity.

I create contemporary abstract urban art :) and my painting on canvas become more and more interactive onsite installations.



Geographic abstraction in New York

Mainly inspired by New York, I developed the concept of "geographic abstraction"

I am interested in the randomness of unconscious through imaginary maps as my work is based on emotional recognition through urban or natural environments.

My artistic process delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate & collective interactions.

Based on feelings or memories, I keep exploring forms & lines in my map compositions: I form disaggregated grids
and imaginary maps revealing social tensions and relationships, instead of addresses & landmarks.

It's my visual study of the anatomy of a city because we all have a city in mind :)