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Morreentiin Crcls series on wood, Newburgh, NY, 2023

Creating an art installation that symbolizes the unraveling of the threads of society is a compelling and symbolic way to represent the complexities of a community.
I used wooden circles to symbolize individuals or elements in society, connected by yarn threads, visually representing the intricate network of human interactions within the societal fabric.
Varied yarn colors represent the rich diversity of cultural, historical, and individual threads woven into the tapestry of society, showcasing the multiplicity of beliefs, values, and norms.
Organized patterns among the wood circles signify societal order, while spontaneous, chaotic yarn arrangements evoke the unpredictable and complex nature of cultural, historical, and human influences.


Series of 6 abstract wooden pieces

Material                         Yarn, color tape
Medium                          Wood various sizes
Date                                 2023
Signed and title on the back

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