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How social objects fail to function

How social objects fail to function

Shapes of Mallfunctiio series on cardboard kraft paper, Newport, VT, 2020

Social objects are objects that create a human connection between two people or more.
They are useful in such ways because they have a certain power and because of that, they affect our behavior
without we even notice it.

During this dramatic time, the collective benefits they used to generate become different.
We used to socialize and create networks around these social objects, but what happens when these social forms are obsolete.
Maybe the time is arrived for us to correct their function and create new social forms and united exchanges.

About the theme of "social objects"

Exploring the concept of social objects and their evolving role in human connection, I employ abstract shapes created with collages and tapes to convey the dynamic interplay between individuals and these objects visually.

Each abstract shape serves as a symbolic representation of the inherent power and influence of social objects in shaping human behavior and interaction.

Through the arrangement and layering of these shapes, I seek to capture the fluidity and adaptability of social forms, reflecting the changing landscape
of collective experiences in response to dramatic events,
such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Using collages and tapes allows for creating dynamic and visually engaging compositions that evoke the multifaceted nature of social objects and their impact on human relationships.

By incorporating a variety of textures, colors, and patterns, I aim to evoke
a diverse range of emotions and experiences associated with social interaction and connection. 

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

By manipulating these materials, I invite viewers to reflect on how social forms have evolved and transformed in response to changing circumstances, encouraging them to consider new collective engagement and exchange possibilities.  

As viewers engage with the artwork, they are prompted to contemplate the role of social objects in their own lives and communities and the potential
for reimagining and redefining these forms in the context of contemporary challenges.

By highlighting the importance of adaptability and innovation in shaping social interaction, I hope to inspire dialogue and reflection on how individuals and communities can come together to create new forms of connection and unity in the face of adversity.

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