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Statement of 2024

I blend acrylic, tape, and recycled or used materials in my open abstract maps
to cultivate a sustainable and dynamic artistic expression.

Playfulness and derive are fundamental to the creative process, as acrylic forms
a vivid canvas for spontaneous exploration.

The deliberate use of tape introduces dynamic lines, fostering unpredictability within colorful and geometric compositions. By incorporating recycled materials, the artwork embraces sustainability and adds texture and layers to the narrative.  

Playful engagement with colors and forms allows viewers to interpret and
navigate the artwork freely, transforming each piece into a unique visual journey.

Derive, or drifting, becomes a guiding principle, encouraging unplanned routes
and serendipitous connections within the recycled tapestry.

The interplay of acrylic, tape, and recycled elements celebrates artistic experimentation and environmental consciousness, elevating the dialogue
between intention and happenstance.  

In this sustainable and vibrant process, playfulness becomes a tool for breaking away from rigid structures, fostering a dynamic dialogue between intention
and the inherent qualities of recycled materials.

The resulting open abstract maps are visually striking and environmentally conscious, offering viewers a colorful and geometric exploration that extends
beyond the canvas.

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