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Artist statement

Art about geographic abstraction (psychogeographical mapping)

As an artist, I am fascinated by the concept of psychogeographical mapping and its potential to reveal hidden layers of meaning and emotion in the urban landscape.

I explore the connections between people and their surroundings and how our environment shapes our perceptions and experiences.  

My process typically involves walking and observing as I explore different neighborhoods. By documenting my observations through drawings, photos, and other mediums, I create disaggregated cartographies of the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions within these spaces.
That also includes the nonhuman world: objects, plants, trees, or animals. My coded algorithms take up geographic and collective data based on links with the nonhuman world to reveal unconscious interconnections and build a broader mental architecture of ourselves.

I am particularly interested in how psychogeographical mapping can help us to reimagine living spaces as a site of creative potential and transformation.

We can begin to imagine new possibilities for the spaces we inhabit and explore new ways of relating to the world around us.  

Through my art, I hope to contribute to this ongoing exploration and inspire others to engage with the psychogeographical dimensions of their own environment.

          Philippe Halaburda
          NY, USA, 2023


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