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Philippe Halaburda's biography

From Paris to New York: 25 years of art

Philippe Halaburda, born in 1972 in France, is a self-taught abstract painter currently residing and creating in Newburgh, NY, USA. While his formal education includes a degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Graphic Design and Visual Arts, EDTA SORNAS in Paris, France, his artistic journey truly blossomed beyond the confines of traditional education. Philippe embarked on a transformative exploration of art across Europe, drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus teaching, integrating elements of Constructivist technique, and embracing the ethos of the Situationist movement. His art delves deep into the interplay between urban and natural landscapes, exploring their profound influence on human emotions and daily life, all expressed through vibrant and geometric map compositions.   


Since 2010, Philippe Halaburda's artwork has graced numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, steadily gaining recognition and becoming cherished additions to both private and public collections. In 2013, his pivotal solo representation by the Peyton Wright Gallery marked his foray into the American art scene, signaling his readiness to expand his creative footprint. During a four-year stint in New York starting in 2015, Philippe's artistic vision flourished, particularly inspired by the intricate grid of Manhattan, which he incorporated into his work. The LionHeart Gallery and Artmora Gallery showcased his solo exhibitions in 2016, further cementing his presence in the contemporary art scene.   


Since 2018, Philippe has collaborated with various European and American galleries and curators, participating in collective exhibitions that have enriched the discourse around his art. In 2021, he embarked on a new artistic venture by creating colorful art installations, shedding light on a different dimension of his work, one that delves into human psychology. These striking installations have graced prominent art spaces such as the Hudson Valley MOCA in NY, the Garner Art Center in NY, and Terrain Biennial Newburgh, providing viewers with an immersive experience of his evolving artistic exploration. 

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