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Statement of 2017

Following a year marked by profound despair and loss, I found myself embarking
on a journey of personal and artistic reconstruction.

This period of turmoil signaled the culmination of a "dérive" that had begun back in 2015, leading me to confront the distortions of city life and the complexities of collective interactions. Inspired by my experiences in the vibrant urban landscape of NYC, I felt compelled to channel these emotions into my artwork, resulting in a refined and deeply personal pictorial style.  

As I navigated the tumultuous terrain of city living, I discovered new layers of meaning within the urban landscape.

The bustling streets and crowded intersections became a canvas upon which I could explore themes of chaos and order, connection and isolation.

Each brushstroke reflected my inner turmoil, capturing the essence of the human experience amidst the backdrop of city life.  

Through this process of artistic exploration, I found solace and meaning in the act of creation. My paintings became a means of processing the complexities of modern existence, offering glimpses of hope and beauty amidst the chaos.

As I refine my craft, I remain committed to capturing the essence of urban life and the human condition, inviting viewers to join me on a journey of introspection and discovery.

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