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The decline of the grid

Mixed media art on canvas, Newburgh, NY, March 2023

The decline of the city grid refers to a phenomenon where the traditional urban street grid pattern, which is characterized by a regular, interconnected network of streets and blocks, has been altered or fragmented over time.
This can occur due to various factors such as urbanization, suburbanization, car-oriented development, zoning regulations, or changes in land use patterns.
One of the main consequences is the loss of walkability and pedestrian friendliness.
Moreover, it can also have negative impacts on social interactions and community cohesion.
The traditional street grid pattern has been shown to foster social interactions and a sense of place, as it provides multiple routes and public spaces for people to gather and engage with each other.
When this pattern is disrupted, it can result in a less vibrant and less connected urban environment.
I painted this impact through this series by using yarn as symbol of missing connections.


Series of 5 abstract paintings

Material                          Acrylic, color tape, and yarn
Medium                           Stretched canvas 20 x 20 inches
Date                                 2023
Signed, and title on the back

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