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Actor network theory

About the theme of "actor-network theory (ANT)"

Exploring the concepts of Actor-network theory by the French philosopher
Bruno Latour, I delve into the intricate connections between people, objects,
and organizations within social networks.

Through my artwork, I aim to visually represent the dynamic interplay between these actors and highlight their equal importance in shaping our social fabric.

Using collages and tapes, I create abstract shapes that symbolize the diverse entities contributing to our interconnected world's complexity.

Each shape represents a different actor, human or non-human, reflecting
the myriad elements that coalesce to form our social networks.  

By layering collages and tapes in strategic arrangements, I evoke the fragility
of social networks and the potential for breakdowns when certain actors
are removed.

The abstract shapes I create serve as visual metaphors for the interconnectedness of our society, illustrating how the removal of critical actors can disrupt
the delicate balance within these networks. 

AANNTT 10 copy DETAIL1.jpg
AANNTT 10 copy DETAIL2.jpg

Through juxtaposing different shapes and colors, I explore the implications
of social breakdowns and the need for resilience and adaptability
in navigating these challenges.  

Ultimately, my artwork prompts viewers to reflect on the nature of social networks and the importance of fostering a more just and equitable world.

Through abstract shapes and compositions, I encourage dialogue
and contemplation about building more robust, more inclusive societies.

By acknowledging the interconnectedness of all actors within our social networks, we can work towards creating a world that prioritizes justice, equality, and mutual respect for all.

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