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Programming code

About the theme of "programming languages"

In this series inspired by esoteric programming languages like Brainfuck,
I've chosen to work on dark gray paper to symbolize the computer screen
these languages operate on.

The choice of a dark background enhances the contrast and allows the vibrant colors of the tapes to stand out, creating a visually striking composition.

By utilizing dark gray paper, I aim to immerse the viewer in the programming world and evoke the atmosphere of coding environments.  

I employ diverse types of lines created with color tapes to represent the various commands and tasks inherent in esoteric programming languages.

Each line is a visual metaphor for a specific function or operation within
the programming language, challenging the viewer to decipher its meaning. 

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

Through the strategic arrangement and layering of tapes, I construct abstract shapes and patterns that reflect the complexity and intricacy
of programming logic.  

The systematic process of creating this series mirrors the structure
and precision required in programming languages like Brainfuck.

Just as each command in Brainfuck consists of a single character,
I meticulously craft each line and shape with intention and purpose.

Using collages and tapes allows for a dynamic interplay of colors and textures, inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork on multiple levels.

Through this abstract representation, I aim to capture the essence of esoteric programming languages and inspire curiosity and contemplation
in the viewer.      

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