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About the theme of "support-surface"

I often explore alternative surfaces and mediums to expand the possibilities
of artistic expression.

When working on a series, I intentionally set aside some additional mediums on the side, allowing them to serve as experimental spaces for creative exploration.

These alternative surfaces, unconventional canvases, or diverse materials like collages and tapes offer a playground for spontaneity and innovation. 

One method I employ involves repurposing and diverting traditional supports into new surfaces for art-making.

By experimenting with different textures, materials, and techniques, I transform these secondary mediums into dynamic platforms for abstract expression.

Through the strategic application of collages and tapes, I create intricate layers and patterns that evoke a sense of depth and complexity, inviting viewers
to explore the artwork's multidimensional nature.  

Caanssso 4 copy detail1.jpg
Caanssso 4 copy-detail2.jpg

Initially conceived as subordinate to other creations, these artworks often take on a life of their own, opening up new artistic directions and possibilities.

By allowing myself the freedom to explore and play with alternative mediums, I embrace the serendipitous nature of the creative process, welcoming unexpected discoveries and breakthroughs.

These secondary artworks serve as catalysts for innovation, inspiring future projects and pushing the boundaries of artistic experimentation.

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