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Emergency code

About the theme of "emergency code"

In my artistic exploration of the code orange system used in hospitals, I combine collages and tapes to create abstract shapes that evoke a sense of urgency
and emergency preparedness.

To begin, I gather various materials such as colored paper, fabric scraps,
and textured mediums to create the foundation of the composition.

These collages serve as the backdrop for visually representing the hospital emergency codes.  

Next, I incorporate different kinds of tapes to symbolize the diverse range
of emergencies covered under the code orange designation.

Using tapes of varying colors, widths, and textures, I delineate abstract shapes suggesting potential scenarios that may trigger a code orange alert, such
as bomb threats, hazardous spills, or violent incidents.

Each tape represents a different aspect of the emergency response protocol, contributing to the overall complexity and intensity of the composition.

Port FFA50010 copy detail2.jpg
Port FFA50010 copy-detail1.jpg

Through carefully arranging and layering tapes on the collages, I aim
to convey the dynamic and multifaceted nature of hospital emergencies.

The abstract shapes created by the tapes evoke a sense of tension
and anticipation, reflecting the gravity of the situations that hospital staff
must navigate during a code orange event.

By visually representing the code orange system through abstract art,
I seek to raise awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness and the vital role of hospital staff in ensuring the safety and well-being
of patients and personnel.

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