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Cohesive society

About the theme of "American Dream"

As an artist exploring the implications of inequality in the United States,
I use my work to visualize future changes toward a more egalitarian society.

One of the critical elements in conveying this message is the choice of medium
and materials.

By working on gray paper, I symbolize the complexity and neutrality of the issue, allowing the audience to interpret the nuances of inequality without bias.

The gray background is a canvas for abstract shapes and collages representing the challenges and possibilities of achieving greater equality.  

In creating abstract shapes with collages and tapes on gray paper, I aim to evoke a sense of contrast and tension inherent in the struggle for social cohesion.

The use of geometric forms and vibrant colors juxtaposed against the subdued gray backdrop symbolizes the dynamic nature of societal change. 

C••• Ernna Dyannty copy-detail2.jpg
C••• Ernna Dyannty copy-detail1.jpg

Each shape and collage element represents a facet of inequality: economic disparities, systemic injustices, or social divides.

Through this visual language, I invite viewers to reflect on the complexities
of the American Dream and the obstacles to achieving true equality.  

Layering collages and tapes on gray paper allows me to explore the intersectionality of inequality and envision pathways toward
a more cohesive society.

I create visual narratives that challenge conventional notions of privilege
and opportunity by incorporating various textures, patterns, and colors.

Through abstraction, I seek to transcend the limitations of language
and spark dialogue about the structural changes needed to address inequality.

My artwork catalyzes envisioning a future where the American Dream
is not just a distant ideal but a tangible reality for all.      

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