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A four-lane thruway

About the theme of "multilane highway"

In my artistic exploration of multilane highways, I employ various techniques
to convey the chaotic yet structured nature of these thorough fares.

One approach involves creating imaginary paths through the composition, mimicking traffic flow along multiple lanes.

I use collages and tapes to delineate these paths, overlapping and intersecting them to evoke the complex network of roads in multilane highways.  

To capture the dynamic movement inherent in highway travel, I often duplicate segments of the paths, creating a sense of repetition and rhythm within
the composition.

This repetition reflects the constant flux of vehicles navigating the lanes,
each following a similar trajectory but with subtle variations.

By layering and overlapping these duplicated segments, I emphasize
the multiplicity of routes and possibilities available within the highway system.

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

At the same time, I incorporate elements of chaos into the abstract diagrams, mirroring the feeling of being overwhelmed often associated with traveling
on busy highways.

Through fragmented and disjointed marks, I convey the disorienting experience of navigating through lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions.

The resulting artwork serves as a visual metaphor for the complexities
and challenges of modern transportation infrastructure, inviting viewers
to contemplate the intersection of order and disorder in the urban landscape.

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