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Paradoxal quarantine

About the theme of "abyss"

In my artistic exploration of the collective response to the pandemic, I use abstract shapes created with collages and tapes to capture the complexity
of human emotions and experiences during this challenging time.

Each shape represents a unique facet of the collective psyche, reflecting the range of emotions—from anxiety and fear to empathy and resilience—that we navigate as a global community.

By layering different textures and colors, I aim to evoke the depth and richness
of these emotional landscapes, inviting viewers to engage with the intricacies
of our shared human experience. 

By arranging these abstract shapes, I seek to convey the evolving dynamics
of human connection and solidarity amidst physical separation.

The juxtaposition of fragmented forms and overlapping textures symbolizes how we adapt and innovate to maintain social bonds and support one another
from a distance. 

Isolla Paaradox 7 copy detail1.jpg
Isolla Paaradox 7 copy-detail2.jpg

Each collage and tape composition serves as a visual testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, highlighting our capacity
to come together in times of adversity and find solace in shared experiences.  

As I explore the theme of communal resilience and solidarity, I aim to inspire hope and optimism through my artwork.

By portraying moments of empathy, inspiration, and courage, I seek to uplift viewers and remind them of humanity's inherent goodness and compassion.

Through the power of art, I hope to contribute to a sense of collective healing and renewal, fostering a spirit of generosity, benevolence, and unity
that transcends the boundaries of physical distance.

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