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Point · & line-—to plane ⁄

Point · & line — to plane ⁄

Orimnuaj Ylissaw series on paper, New York, 2020

There is no acrylic painting on this series: first time that I decided to not use this medium to create this geometric compositions.
I am always looking for a new way to use and combine color tapes where balance and harmony are searched. 
It allows me to go towards a more minimalist work, almost intimate as there are few forms represented.
This is quite new for me: how contain my desire to go into more details but keeping it simple but complex :)

About the theme of "Constructivism"

In my departure from acrylic painting, I've embarked on a new artistic journey focused on utilizing color tapes to create geometric compositions reminiscent
of Constructivism art.

This shift allows me to explore new methods of expression while paying homage to the innovative spirit of Constructivist artists.

By eschewing traditional painting techniques in favor of collages and tapes,
I embrace a more minimalist approach that prioritizes balance and harmony
in my compositions. 

To create these abstract shapes, I carefully select and arrange color tapes
on paper and experiment with different combinations and arrangements
to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from Constructivist principles, I emphasize geometric forms and clean lines, seeking to evoke a sense of order and structure within
the artwork.

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

Each tape is strategically placed to contribute to the overall composition, balancing simplicity with complexity to evoke a sense of visual harmony.

As I delve deeper into this new artistic process, I grapple with the challenge
of containing my desire to explore intricate details while maintaining
a minimalist aesthetic.

Through meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design, I strive to strike
a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity, allowing
the tapes' geometric shapes and vibrant colors speak for themselves.

In this way, my abstract compositions honor the Constructivist movement, celebrating its legacy of innovation and experimentation in abstract art.

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