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About the theme of "polymers"

In exploring the concept of polymers and their connection to the formation
of diamonds and rhinestones, I utilize abstract shapes created with collages
and sparkle tapes to represent these materials' intricate molecular structures
and connections visually.

The use of sparkle tapes adds a dynamic element to the artwork, reflecting
the luster and brilliance characteristic of diamonds and rhinestones.

By layering and arranging these tapes, I aim to evoke the shimmering allure
of these gemstones while highlighting the complex chemical bonds that give rise
to their unique properties.  

Each abstract shape in the artwork serves as a visual metaphor for the molecular chains and systems found within polymers, diamonds, and rhinestones.

Through the arrangement of these shapes, I seek to convey the interconnectedness of these materials, emphasizing their shared origins in organic chemistry
and their diverse manifestations in the natural world. 

Rhiinestton rubis copy detail2.jpg
Rhiinestton rubis copy detail1.jpg

The juxtaposition of different colors and textures within the collages and
tapes further enhance the visual complexity of the artwork, inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of these substances and the dynamic interactions that underpin their existence.  

As viewers engage with the artwork, they are encouraged to reflect on the intrinsic beauty and complexity of polymers, diamonds, and rhinestones
and the broader implications of their presence in our lives.

Through the abstract representation of these materials, I aim to provoke curiosity and stimulate dialogue about the science behind their creation
and their cultural and aesthetic significance.

I aim to spark a deeper appreciation for the intricate structures and connections that shape the world around us, inviting viewers to marvel at the beauty and wonder of the natural and synthetic materials surrounding us.       

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