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Arc-en-ciel Ceriicaa series on color paper, New York, 2020

When we see a rainbow, there are actually an infinity of nuances even if we only see six dominant colors
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple) but there are so much more not visible by human eye.

Isaac Newton observed these six colors during his experiment of decomposition of light by a prism.
even if but he decided to add the indigo color to match the number of colors with the number seven.
This number has a special status in many cultures: 7 days of the week, 7 sins...

About the theme of "rainbow"

Exploring the infinite nuances within rainbows, I experiment with abstract shapes using collages and tapes on different colored paper to capture the essence of this phenomenon.

Each color paper serves as a canvas to represent the various hues in a rainbow, allowing me to evoke the complexity and diversity of colors beyond the visible spectrum.

By layering tapes and collages in strategic arrangements, I create abstract compositions that suggest the richness and vibrancy of the rainbow's spectrum.

Utilizing different colored paper as the backdrop for my artwork enables me
to mimic the distinct bands of color observed in a rainbow.

I carefully select papers corresponding to the spectrum's primary colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple—to create a cohesive representation
of the rainbow's palette.

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

By strategically placing collages and tapes on each colored paper, I evoke the subtle transitions and gradients that characterize the natural phenomenon of light refracted through water droplets.

Moreover, I play with the symbolism associated with the number seven, drawing inspiration from Isaac Newton's decision to include indigo
as the seventh color of the rainbow.

By incorporating elements such as seven layers of tape or seven distinct shapes within my compositions, I nod to the significance of this number
in various cultures and contexts.

Through these abstract shapes and arrangements, I invite viewers to contemplate rainbows' symbolic and aesthetic richness, transcending human perception's limitations to explore the boundless beauty of nature's wonders.

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