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Closer to the ridges

About the theme of "the oceanic floor"

In exploring mid-ocean ridges and seafloor spreading, I combine collages
and tapes to create abstract shapes that evoke the dynamic processes beneath
the ocean's surface.

To represent the formation of new oceanic crust through volcanic activity,
I employ layers of color tapes in vibrant hues to mimic the molten lava erupting from the ridges.

These tapes are carefully arranged to create flowing patterns reminiscent
of the movement of magma as it rises to the surface and solidifies
into a new crust.  

Plate tectonics, with its intricate interplay of large and small plates, is depicted through collages to represent the various geological formations and movements.

I incorporate cutouts of different shapes and sizes to symbolize the plates, arranging them in overlapping layers to convey their complex interactions. 

The ridges of Sannkoffa limits 2 copy-details 1.jpg
The ridges of Sannkoffa limits 2 copy details 2.jpg

Through careful layering and arrangement, I create geometric shapes and patterns that mirror the intricate interplay of light and shadow in this remote underwater landscape.  

As I weave together these wasabi tapes, I strive to capture the dual nature
of the abyssal zone—a place of profound beauty and untold mysteries.

Each composition is a reflection of the delicate balance between order
and chaos, light, and darkness inviting viewers to contemplate the profound depths of the ocean and the mysteries that lie within.

In this way, my abstract geometric compositions serve as visual meditations on the abyssal zone, offering glimpses into the hidden wonders of the deep sea and inspiring awe and wonder in those who behold them.

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