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Thread thinking

About the theme of "thread"

In my creative process, I draw inspiration from the interconnectedness of life
and the metaphorical weaving of our experiences.

When creating abstract shapes with collages and tapes, I aim to capture
the essence of this interconnectedness by visually representing the threads
that bind us to the world around us.

Through the strategic arrangement of materials, such as colorful tapes
and textured collages, I evoke the intricate network of relationships
and connections that shape our existence.  

One technique I employ involves layering and intertwining different colors
and textures to mimic the complexity of life's tapestry.

By overlapping tapes and collages, I create depth and dimension within
the artwork, symbolizing the depth and richness of our lived experiences.

Each layer represents a different aspect of life, from mundane moments
to profound emotions, all woven together to form the fabric of our existence.

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

Additionally, I experiment with the placement and arrangement of materials to evoke a sense of movement and fluidity, echoing the dynamic nature
of life itself.

Through deliberate gestures and spontaneous improvisation, I allow shapes and patterns to emerge organically, mirroring our narratives' unpredictable twists and turns.

In this way, my artwork becomes a visual meditation on
the interconnectedness of all things, inviting viewers to contemplate
the threads that bind us together in the intricate tapestry of life.

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