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Archipelagic state

About the theme of "archipelagic state"

In the portrayal of an archipelagic state on abstract maps, the utilization of color tape and painted lines assumes
a factual and pragmatic role.

Each geometric composition serves as a visual representation of the dispersed island formations, with every shape and line symbolizing distinct land masses
within the archipelago.

The use of color tape adheres to a systematic coding system, facilitating the distinction of geographical features
and boundaries across the map's surface.  

Graphic arrangements within these compositions
are marked by deliberate and precise structures, embodying the logistical layout of the archipelago.

Painted tapes, devoid of emotional embellishments, serve
as essential markers, demarcating areas or emphasizing geographical details with clarity and accuracy. 

Through this fusion, ground writing transcends mere cartography to
become a map of both literal and emotional landscapes—a visual invitation
for viewers to navigate the intricacies of existence through the language
of psychogeography.  

With each composition, I strive to evoke a sense of connection to the earth
and to one another, inviting viewers to explore the terrain of their own experiences.

Ground writing becomes a testament to the interplay between the physical
and the emotional, capturing the essence of our journey through
life's ever-shifting landscapes.

Through the language of abstract maps, I hope to inspire contemplation, reflection, and a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human existence.

Details of the series


Material                          Acrylic paint, color tape
Medium                           Paper 22 x 28 inches
Date                                 2023
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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