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About the theme of "synthetic maps"

In this series, I've opted to forgo acrylic painting and instead focus solely
on the versatile medium of color tapes.

This departure from my usual approach presents a new creative challenge
and opens up exciting possibilities for experimentation.

By embracing the unique characteristics of color tapes, I can explore minimalist compositions that convey depth and complexity through simplicity.  

Without acrylic painting, I manipulate color tapes to create abstract shapes
and forms.

Each piece becomes a study in restraint, as I seek to convey meaning
and emotion through the careful arrangement and layering of tapes. 

Awaaludinn RE 6 copy-details1.jpg
Awaaludinn RE 6 copy-details2.jpg

This approach allows me to explore the interplay of colors, textures, and lines more intimately and nuancedly.  

As I delve into this new direction, I balance detail and simplicity.

While my instinct may be to add intricate elements, I resist the temptation
and instead focus on refining the essence of each composition.

Through deliberate choices in color, shape, and placement, I aim to create visually captivating and conceptually rich works, inviting viewers
to engage with the interplay of forms on a deeper level.      

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