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Elasticity of demand

About the theme of "elasticity of demand"

In exploring reciprocity through abstract art, I harness
the versatility of acrylic paint and tape to depict the intricate dynamics of exchange and mutual benefit.

Through layers of paint, I capture the nuances of reciprocity, from its negative manifestations to its balanced and generalized forms.

Vibrant colors blend and collide on the canvas, reflecting the complexity of social interactions and the various outcomes
of reciprocal exchanges.

Tape serves as a structural element, delineating pathways and connections that mirror the give-and-take inherent
in human relationships.  

As I paint, I contemplate the role of socialization in
shaping our propensity for reciprocity.

Bold brushstrokes and fluid gestures express the interplay between individual agency and societal influence, highlighting how cultural norms and expectations
shape our behavior. 

The tape, carefully placed and manipulated, represents the social structures that guide and regulate reciprocal exchanges from informal networks
of trust to formalized exchange systems.

Through my artwork, I invite viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness
of human society and the fundamental role of reciprocity in fostering cooperation and community.  

Incorporating elements of abstraction, my compositions transcend cultural boundaries to explore the universal nature of reciprocity.

Layers of paint and tape converge and diverge, echoing the ebb and flow
of exchange that transcends geographical and cultural divides.

Through the language of abstraction, I strive to capture the essence of reciprocity as a fundamental aspect of human existence, weaving together connection threads and mutual dependence.

By inviting viewers to engage with the visual language of reciprocity, I hope
to foster a deeper understanding of how we are all bound together in the intricate web of human relationships.   

Details of the series


Material                          Acrylic paint, color tape
Medium                           Paper 20 x 15 inches
Date                                 2023
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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