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Integrated circuit

Integrated circuit

Fllormma series on paper, New York, NY, 2020

I see my artworks sometimes as a floor plan.
Here is why: it's a drawing to scale, showing a view from over, of the links between rooms or spaces and other physical characteristics at one level of a structure. 
The process is the same when I do psychogeographic maps.
They are like closed circuits except the orientation of the view is downward from above.

About the theme of "spatial relationship in geography"

Abstract shapes created with collages and tapes represent the intricate relationships between spaces and physical characteristics within a structure
akin to a floor plan.

Through the arrangement of materials, I aim to capture the spatial dynamics
and connections between different areas, emphasizing the interplay
between rooms, corridors, and other architectural elements.

By layering textures, colors, and patterns, I seek to evoke a sense of movement and flow within a space, inviting viewers to explore the hidden connections
and pathways that define the structure.  

In my artistic process, I draw inspiration from psychogeographic maps,
which offers a unique perspective on the urban landscape from above.

By incorporating various materials and techniques, I strive to translate
the essence of psychogeography into abstract shapes and forms, capturing
the complex interplay between physical spaces and human experiences.

Fllormma 6 copy detail1.jpg
Fllormma 6 copy detail2.jpg

By manipulating collages and tapes, I aim to visualize the intricate networks and pathways that shape our understanding of urban environments. I invite viewers to contemplate the hidden layers of meaning embedded within
the cityscape. 

By exploring abstract shapes and textures, I seek to challenge conventional perceptions of space and architecture, offering viewers a glimpse into
the interconnectedness of built environments and human experiences.

By embracing the fluidity and complexity of spatial relationships, I aim to foster a deeper appreciation for how our surroundings shape our perceptions and interactions.

I hope to inspire contemplation and reflection on the dynamic interplay between physical spaces and the individuals who inhabit them.

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