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Fluorescent neon tapes

About the theme of "spotless mind"

In my artistic process, I aim to capture the complexity of mental states while infusing them with a sense of positivity and light. I achieve this by constructing abstract topographies or floorplans using only color tapes.

These tapes serve as the building blocks for my compositions, allowing me to create dynamic shapes and patterns that reflect the chaotic nature of our minds.

By layering and arranging the tapes on white paper, I seek to evoke a sense
of clarity and brightness, symbolizing the light that can emerge from even
the darkest corners of our consciousness.  

To further enhance the depth and texture of my artwork, I introduced
an unexpected medium: tulle.

By incorporating tulle into the compositions, I can bring a new dimension
to the surface, adding layers of transparency and optical effects that interact
with the colors beneath. 

Neonn Maaper 5.00am copy detail2.jpg
Neonn Maaper 5.00am copy detail1.jpg

This addition of tulle not only adds visual interest but also introduces
an element of mystery, inviting viewers to explore the hidden depths
of the artwork and uncover new layers of meaning.  

The juxtaposition of light and dark, chaos and clarity, creates a dynamic tension within the artwork, reflecting the complexity of our inner worlds.

Through this exploration, I aim to convey a sense of optimism and resilience, reminding viewers that even amid the chaos, there is always the potential
for growth and transformation.

Ultimately, my goal is to inspire viewers to embrace the light within themselves and find beauty in the ever-changing landscape of the mind.

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