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A physiological sensor

About the theme of "human behavior"

Abstract art has a unique capacity to delve into the depths of human behavior and emotion, offering insights and perspectives that may not be immediately apparent through traditional forms of representation.

By employing abstract shapes, collages, and tapes, artists can create visual compositions that tap into the subconscious and evoke complex emotional responses in viewers.

These abstract artworks serve as a mirror to our inner worlds, reflecting the intricate web of thoughts, feelings, and sensations that shape our behavior.  

In my artistic process, I explore the intersection of abstract art and emotion recognition technology to provide a deeper understanding of human behavior.

By imagining the impact of physiological sensors in response to audio and video content, I seek to visualize the dynamic interplay between external stimuli
and internal emotional states. 

Permaat Dewaa 3b copy detqil2.jpg
Permaat Dewaa 3b copy detail1.jpg

I aim to capture the nuances of these emotional responses through abstract shapes and compositions, highlighting the complex relationship between
our sensory experiences and our behavioral reactions.  

By translating the data from emotion recognition technology into abstract visual forms, I create a bridge between the digital and the analog, the objective and the subjective.

These artworks explore and interpret the intricacies of human behavior, offering viewers a new lens through which to understand themselves
and the world around them.

Through the language of abstraction, I invite viewers to engage with
their emotions more profoundly and more introspectively, fostering
a greater sense of self-awareness and empathy.      

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