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User persona

About the theme of "user persona"

In translating the concept of user personas into abstract art, I employ acrylic paint and tape to visually represent the diverse characteristics and traits of different customer segments.

With acrylic paint, I explore the rich spectrum of human experiences, using color, texture, and form to embody
the unique attributes of each persona.

Vibrant hues convey personality traits and preferences, while dynamic brushstrokes capture the complexities
of individual identities.

Through layers of paint, I build a visual narrative
that celebrates the diversity of human perspectives
and behaviors.  

The tape serves as a structural framework in my artwork, guiding the composition like the segmentation process guides the creation of user personas. 

Ivebeen Lawwdenn 1 coVER.jpg
Ivebeen Lawwdenn 1 LAST.jpg

Using tape, I delineate boundaries and create patterns that reflect the distinct characteristics of each persona segment.

Just as personas help marketers understand the needs and desires of different customer groups, the tape in my compositions helps to organize and categorize the visual elements, highlighting the nuances of each persona segment.

Through my abstract compositions, I aim to provide insights into the multifaceted nature of user personas and their significance in product marketing.

By incorporating elements of abstraction, I invite viewers to engage with the artwork more profound, encouraging them to reflect on the diverse individuals who make up their target audience.

Through the language of color, shape, and texture, I strive to convey the essence of each persona segment, sparking curiosity and empathy in the viewer and fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Details of the series


Material                          Acrylic paint, color tape
Medium                           Paper 12 x 18 inches
Date                                 2022
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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