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(Don't) make A... great again!

About the theme of "United States of America"

I aim to represent the complex and evolving landscape of statehood visually
in the United States through abstract shapes created with collages and tapes.

Each shape symbolizes a different state, drawing inspiration from the diverse origins of their names and the historical tensions between federal
and state powers.

By layering and juxtaposing various materials, I seek to convey the intricate interplay of cultural, linguistic, and political influences shaping American identity.  

Using collages and tapes, I can explore statehood's multifaceted nature, highlighting the country's diverse perspectives and experiences.

Through the careful arrangement of materials, I aim to evoke American society's fragmented and dynamic nature, where different states grapple with unique challenges and aspirations. 

Abyssal Lakksmii 8 last.jpg
Abyssal Lakksmii 8 cover.jpg

By creating abstract shapes that blur the boundaries between states, I invite viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of the American experience and the complexities of national unity.  

In my artistic exploration, I seek to capture the tension between unity and division in the United States, symbolized by the interplay of abstract shapes and textures.

By incorporating elements of collage and tape, I strive to evoke the fluidity
and diversity of the American landscape, where state lines often blur
and overlap.

Through this visual representation, I hope to prompt viewers to consider
the evolving dynamics of statehood and the enduring quest for unity
amidst diversity.      

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