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About the theme of "heroism"

Abstract shapes created with collages and tapes offer a unique avenue to explore the complex dynamics of heroism and vulnerability among healthcare workers.

Through the interplay of textures and colors, I seek to convey the multidimensional nature of their experiences, capturing both the strength
and fragility inherent in their roles.

By layering materials and manipulating shapes, I aim to evoke the juxtaposition of resilience and vulnerability that defines the healthcare profession.  

Using collages and tapes allows me to represent the emotional complexities healthcare workers face, who often grapple with intense pressure
and high-stakes situations.

The abstract shapes serve as visual metaphors for the internal struggles
and external challenges they encounter daily. 

Hidden Heerro 2 copy detail1.jpg
Hidden Heerro 2 copy detail2.jpg

Through the arrangement of materials, I strive to convey the intricate interplay of strength and vulnerability, highlighting the human aspect
of heroism and the toll it can take on individuals.  

In my artistic exploration, I aim to challenge the notion of healthcare workers as infallible heroes and instead emphasize their humanity and capacity
for vulnerability.

By creating abstract shapes that blur the lines between strength and fragility, I invite viewers to reconsider the traditional narratives surrounding heroism and resilience.

Through this visual representation, I seek to foster empathy and understanding for the experiences of healthcare workers, recognizing
the depth of their sacrifices and the complexity of their emotional landscapes.   

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