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Underground network

About the theme of "underground network of NYC"

In my abstract and geometric map representing the underground network
of the subway in New York, I employ a strategic use of color codes and tape
to visually capture the intricate labyrinth of tunnels and pathways that define this bustling transportation system.

Drawing inspiration from the city's vibrant energy, I utilize a consistent color scheme throughout the map, with each line of the subway represented by
a distinct color.

By adhering to this color coding system, I create a visual hierarchy that allows viewers to distinguish between different subway routes and navigate easily
the complex web of connections beneath the surface.  

I meticulously outline the routes and stations of the subway lines, tracing their paths with precision and clarity with the color tapes.

The geometric shapes formed by the tape serve as structural elements within
the composition, creating a sense of order and organization amidst the chaotic complexity of the underground network. 

With each line and station delineated by crisp lines and angles, I seek to evoke the sleek and modern aesthetic of the New York City subway system while
also capturing its underlying sense of order and efficiency.  

As viewers engage with my abstract and geometric map, they are invited
to explore the hidden world beneath New York's streets and appreciate its subway network's beauty and functionality.

Through the harmonious interplay of color, shape, and form, I aim to convey this vital transportation system's dynamic energy and interconnectedness while also celebrating the ingenuity and engineering prowess that make
it possible.

Ultimately, my map serves as a tribute to the enduring spirit of New York City and the essential role that its subway plays in keeping the city moving forward.

Details of the series


Material                          Sticker and color tape
Medium                           Paper 14 x 17 inches
Date                                  2022
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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