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Solo show

'Records', July 11-Sept. 12, 2022
Garner Art Center, Haverstraw, NY, USA

The artist's highly unusual paintings on cardboard are inspired by his 2016 move to New York City; when he was short on funds and far from the familiarity of his studio in France, Philippe realized that flattened packages, tubes used for carpet or fabrics, and even cereal boxes would provide an exciting deviation from traditional shapes and canvas surfaces. 

Philippe Halaburda’s highly unusual body of work is inspired by his 2015 visit to New York City, when he made the daring decision to paint on cardboard, a material easily acquired in the streets of Brooklyn. Flattened packages, tubes used for carpets or fabrics, and even cereal boxes provided an exciting deviation from traditional shapes and canvas surfaces and increased the urban narrative of Halaburda’s work.

The works on cardboard seem to channel the metropolitan energy of New York. Applying the language of abstract expressionism has created intense, emotional paintings while retaining a fierce sense of identity and independence. With each painting, I embark on an improvisational journey, the outcome being vivid, rhythmic compositions of geometric shapes and staccato brushstrokes, always spontaneous yet precisely executed. My palette reflects the psychological state imposed by my environment.