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Abstract algebra

About the theme of the "algebraic structures"

Abstract algebra, focusing on algebraic systems and structures, inspires
a unique visual representation through color tapes on black support.

In my artistic interpretation, geometric and dense compositions emerge, mirroring the subject's intricate patterns and abstract nature.

Each tape represents an element within these algebraic systems, weaving together to form complex arrangements that reflect the interplay
of mathematical operations and properties.  

Against the stark backdrop of black, the vibrant colors of the tapes pop,
creating a visually striking contrast that draws viewers into the world
of abstract algebra.

Through the geometric arrangements of tapes, I seek to capture the essence
of algebraic properties common to different number systems
and mathematical objects. 

The compositions unfold like puzzles, inviting viewers to unravel abstract algebra's underlying structures and patterns.  


As viewers engage with these geometric compositions, they are encouraged

to contemplate the abstract nature of algebraic systems and the universal principles that govern them.


By representing complex mathematical concepts with color tapes on black support, I aim to bridge the gap between abstract theory and tangible visual expression, offering a unique perspective on the beauty and complexity

of abstract algebra.

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