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Statement of 2020

In the chaos of city life, I find beauty in deconstruction.

My art delves into urbanscapes, unraveling the intricacies that define our urban existence.
I reinterpret the familiar through paint and tape, breaking cityscapes into a tapestry of abstract forms and colors.  

Maps become my guide in this creative exploration.

Each street, building, and intersection is a point on the canvas waiting to be reimagined. Paint becomes the language, conveying the city's energy, rhythm, and essence.

Tape, precise and deliberate, acts as both the architect and disruptor, reshaping the urban narrative.  

This process of deconstructing urbanscapes is not about erasing the urban grid but rather about revealing its hidden poetry.

It's an invitation to view our cities with fresh eyes and to appreciate the beauty that emerges when structure and spontaneity collide. 

In this journey, maps cease to be mere guides; they transform into visual metaphors, weaving a narrative that transcends the physical and ventures into the realm of emotion.

With each stroke, I invite viewers to navigate through the urban tapestry, discovering new perspectives and embracing the harmonious chaos of deconstructed urbanscapes.

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